DAIICHI Louis stroller, Allee
    The premium foldable stroller by DAIICHI. DAIICHI Louis is comfortable, safe and premium brand created by Ms. Ji-Hong Lee, the CEO of DAIICHI and also the mother of her son Louis, through her experience on raising a child and applying practical functions.
  DAIICHI Louis stroller, Allee
 The solidity of Deluxe and mobility of the portable All included in ‘Allee’
Handling and riding comfort PERFECT BALANCE                             Large premium PU wheel                             6 suspension                             Total 100 Ball bearing system
In both forward facing and rearward facing, Compact folding is available without separation of seat and frame. The handle enables convenient portability and storage with one hand.

Folding in forward facing OK. Folding in rearward facing OK.
Available for both rearward facing which enables eye contact with parents, and forward facing that provides view of the outside world
Self-standing is available when folded Safe storage without contamination of the seat. Dispread the front wheels on the sides for easy standing.
DOUBLE-SIDED BABY INNER SEAT. Airy mesh material on the back Pleasant usage in summer without extra cool sheet.
The footrest adjustment in 3 levels. 3 levels adjustment to Max. 175˚
 Ensures safety that the stroller will not fall backward even if a lot of luggage are hung on the handle or sudden force is applied unexpectedly.
Easy adjustment of the height in 5 levels with only one hand. The handle with leather cover prevents slip and helps with handling.
DAIICHI Louis stroller, Allee
360˚ rotation after detaching one side, which enables to get on/off easily and quickly and unlikely to lose the part
  A high factor sunscreen (UPF50+) & Basic waterproof. Blocks 98% of UV rays and protects against weather
  Easily control 4-step expanding canopy. Provides protection in 4-step expansion depending on the sunlight
  Available to check the baby’s condition through the window
Lock both rear wheels precisely and stably in an instant with one touch
The basket provides high capacity to max. 5kg of storage. Fully support the outgo with the baby.
color: Black City, Misty Grey, Sand Brown, Milky Blue
Unfolded: W 570 x L 920 x H 1020mm                              Folded: W 570 x L 290 x H 650mm
DAIICHI Louis foldable stroller, Allee