The Mainstream Car Seat with more Safety-Frien-D Latch-FIX
  0~5 years old, birth~18kg DAIICHI Car Seat Frien-D Latch-FIX
  Adjustable by development stages, Lateral reinforcement of the body frame, Ergonomic lateral curved design, Reclined degree adjustment in 4 levels, Headrest reinforcement for the safety of baby’s head and neck, All-in-One impact absorption buffer, Airy mesh cover with absorption & drying of perspiration
  From 0~5 years old, the headrest and shoulder belt can be adjusted in conformity with the child’s development stage.
  Enhance the baby’s safety by 130% expanded lateral design. Comparison to the existing car seats of DAIICHI with same levels of specifications.
  The deep and wide ergonomic design enhances the safety by relieving impact in case of accidents.
  In forward facing, the reclined degree of backrest can be adjusted to 1~3 levels even after the installation, enables stable use while the baby is asleep
  The depth and width of the headrest are expanded compared to the existing car seats. It lowers the elastic resistance and thus effectively protects the baby in accidents.
  Frien-D car seat is an entry-level Latch-FIX product that is installed with Top tether and Latch together. The dual installation minimizes the shaking to provide safer protection for the baby. Only the installation of both Top tether and lower Latch minimizes the shaking of the car seat.
  DAIICHI car seat applied low-expanded Urethane foam to the main body for softer feeling. Provides comforts even after long period of use.
  The 5-point belt system has outstanding impact dispersion rate in case of accidents from the front, the flank and overturn. The belt is unlikely to be broken or transformed even under high pressure, therefore the situation can be managed quickly.
  In case of an accident, the lighter a car seat is, the less impact it will receive. Frien-D has the lightest weight among other car seats with same levels of specifications.
  The seat belt can be attached to the magnetic holders on both sides. Convenient for taking the babies on the car seat, and also prevent entangled seat belts.
  Apply cushiony, airy and restorable mesh material to the seat. Available for babies’ sensitive skin in relief.
  Organic Navy, Organic Purple, Charcoal Brown, Medium Gray
 Protect baby’s delicate skin, Easy installation & adjustment. Provides 99.8% UV protectionSafe & Special coolness only in DAIICHI,The triple air mesh Excellent ventilation