V-guard ISOFIX Toddler Carseat
  Sustainable use from 1~12 years old-Expandable Junior car seat
  V Type expandable design. 11-level One-touch control. 3-layer lateral protection. Handy 3 levels reclined degree adjustment. Expanded Urethane foam. 5-point safety belt. Firmly substantial ISOFIX.
  In conformity of the child’s growth, it can be transformed to Toddler, Child, and Junior modes without purchasing multiple car seats.
  In case of an accident, 5-point belt disperses the impact to 5 points. It can protect the baby without breakdown or deformation even under high pressure.
  The height of the headrest and shoulder width are expanded simultaneously. The ergonomic V expansion design, which is in compliance with the body type of Korean children, perfectly protects the children’s pelvis, waists, shoulders, arms, heads, and etc.
  DAIICHI V-GUARD Toddler can be expanded to height of max. 74cm and shoulder width of max. 53cm. And its inner width is also expanded for durable and safe use until age of 12.
  Despite the horizontal or vertical expansion, V-GUARD doesn’t expose any gap. And also, the evolved 3-layer lateral protection T-SIP system ensures secured safety in a broadside collision.
  Impact absorption material ‘Urethane foam’ is applied to the headrest and sitting cushion, which provides comfortable feeling without shaking even after long hours of usage.
  One-touch adjustment of headrest height and shoulder width simultaneously in conformity of the child’s development.The headrest can be adjusted to the lowest height among other expandable car seats, therefore it can provide suitable height according to the child’s sitting height from infant to junior.11 levels.
  The 3-layer lateral protection system T-SIP is applied to both sides of the headrest, which protects the child once more in a broad collision.
  Reliable Material only, No harmful substances
  Available to one-hand control the reclined degree in 3 levels even while in use, with control buttons on both sides of the car seat.
  The built-in ISOFIX enables precise adjustment in 8 levels in conformity with the depth of vehicle seat and reclined degree of backrest. Handy one-touch adjustment of the length.
  Only both installation of top-tether and lower ISOFIX can minimize the looseness of the car seat
  The exclusive sun visor protects baby’s vulnerable skin and eyes by blocking 99.8% of UV light. The width is adjustable in 3 levels.
  The cup holder at the lower part can be practically used to keep baby bottle, toys, snacks and etc.
  Color Line up: Navy, Burgundy, Charcoal, Gray
  Accessory: Sun Visor
  V-Guard ISOFIX Toddler car seat