More Advanced Safety, D-Guard Toddler
 DAIICHI D-Guard Toddler car seat can be used from 1~12 years old. Available for long period of use with transformation of 5-point belts, seat belts, and boosters in conformity with child’s age. And also, the ergonomic headrest and backrest adjustment secures safety and provides comforts.
 DAIICHI D-Guard Toddler car seat
 DAIICHI D-Guard Toddler car seat
 The double-structured headrest developed by DAIICHI’s technology protects the baby’s head.
 One-touch adjustment of headrest and shoulder belt simultaneously in conformity of children’s development stages.
 The 5-point belt system has outstanding impact dispersion rate. The belt is not easily broken or deformed even under high pressure, therefore it can be managed quickly.
 The reclined degree of backrest can be easily adjusted by the rolling lever on the center of car seat. It can be softly adjusted to 90~115˚
 Firstly installed built-in ISOFIX with one-touch fixed type, available for 1~10 years old.
 The built-in type one-touch fixing ISOFIX enables installation by ISOFIX, seat belt, ISOFIX + seat belt. Excellent compatibility with most types of vehicles.
 The safe guard frame, which is integrated with exclusive technology of DAIICHI, secures the baby by absorbing exterior impact doubly with low-expanded Urethane foam. It also provides comforts with cushiony feeling.
 The seat cover made with organic cotton is a relief to children’s skin. Organically produce the cotton without using chemicals such as defoliant, pesticide, and etc.
 From 1~12 years old! D-Guard is available for long period of use. D-Guard car seat functions with 3 modes, each mode has passed the safety test. No need to purchase multiple car seats. Available to use from 1~12 years old with transformation to different modes.
 DAIICHI D-Guard Toddler car seat
 organic pure orange, organic brown, organic gray
 DAIICHI D-Guard component
 Components: main body, Shoulder pad, Inner seat, Manual, top tether belts                   Additional components: cup holder
 DAIICHI D-Guard accessory
 Essential accessories for protecting children’s delicate skin from the sunlight and exterior irritation. Sun visor exclusively for D-Guard