Created by Experience, DAIICHI Louis Sports
  Be Smart, DAIICHI Louis Sports. Prepared with safety and rationality
  Cool and light-weight Supplex fabric. The muti-functions of perspiration absorption&quick drying
  Enhance intimacy with mom, Insert Pad. It’s an aid cushion that stably supports the baby’s hip and thigh. In rearward facing when using baby carrier or hipseat carrier with the backrest. Both mother and baby will be able to feel more intimacy.
  For correct development of the spine, Safe back system. Applying the prosthesis to support the baby’s spine, DAIICHI’s own safety mechanism enables to maintain stable position of the back without bending. DAIICHI Safe back system supports the baby’s hip and waist, therefore maintain natural and comfortable C shape.
  The baby’s neck and head protector, Curved head support. It’s very important to support the newborns’ heads from shaking since they can’t support their own heads. The head support is designed to be streamlined so that the pad is not easily bent over.
  High Density Foam. Apply the same buffer used in DAIICHI car seat, which enables more comfortable and safer use.
  Wide, cushiony and functional high-expanded sponge to disperse the weight effectively, Also the high stability enables long hours of use without deformation.
  The mesh ventilating window on the front will emit the heat and maximize air circulation. It enables pleasant use in hot weather or for baby who sweat a lot.
  DAIICHI Louis baby carrier is designed to fully support the baby’s hip and thigh. It helps maintain the baby’s leg in M shape so that the pelvis is not pressured.
  Age of use and position
  Color Line up: Indi Pink, Navy, Charcoal Black, Light Beige
  Compositions: Backrest, Waist belt for baby carrier optional: Shoulder spit pot, Sleeping Hood, Insert pad
  Applicable Weight: 6kg~20kg (3~36 months), Country of Manufacture: Korea
  Precautions, Care and maintenance